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The Official Photographers are a team of leading Commercial Photographers. We have over 10 years of experience in the photography industry and strive to make images that are crisp, clean, beautiful and a little out of the ordinary for our clients.


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Based in Hamilton but available anywhere in New Zealand. We specialize in Real Estate, Landscapes, Portraits and Commercial photography.


[quote author=”Charlotte, Lad Architecture“] The Official Photographers are masters of their craft, incredibly creative & talented photographers, who are willing to take risks and ‘get’ what you’re trying to achieve.  On top of this they are the NICEST people – warm, friendly, positive, efficient & extremely professional! They are the complete package & I can’t recommend them highly enough”

– Charlotte – Director Lad Architecture


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Shannon has a background in Journalism.


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Aaron has a background in Landscape photography, which is why all the Real Estate and Landscape parts of this business seem to just POP! He has over 10 years of experience in the Photography world and strives to create Commerical Photography with a point of difference, cause who the heck wants boring photos?